What Our Students Are Saying…

Lexi Goplin

“I’ve had such a wonderful experience in [Proper Formatting Technique]. I’ve learned so much and it’s helped my screenplay develop and become a lot more readable. I just received Final Draft in the mail and I think that will help me tremendously. With all that I’ve learned in class, [David Trottier’s] book and final draft I have better hopes of actually getting my screenplay sold one day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
~Lexi Goplin

Kepner Norris

“Your last comments and corrections for Assignment 2 were spot on, blew me
away. [In Proper Formatting Technique] I’ve gained a new love and appreciation of how formatting is
absolutely integral to a good script.”
~Kepner Norris

Ronald Mackay

“I simply want to tell you how satisfied I am with the course and how pleased I am with having taken [Introduction to Playwriting]…”
~Ronald Mackay

D’Nette Wood

“I enjoyed John Eubank’s Writing the 1-hour TV Drama. John is a well-organized teacher who enjoys helping his students grow in their craft. I enjoyed the class and would definitely consider taking an additional class.”
~D’Nette Wood

Suzanne Lutas

“[Ralph DiBacco] has the ability to erase all the frontiers and all sense of anonymity. His teaching makes us progress and makes us feel special. He definitely makes us forget [that Constructing Compelling Characters] an on-line course.”
~Suzanne Lutas

Amy Swanson

“Ralph DiBacco is hands down the best instructor I have ever had at Screenwriter’s University. He is positive and insightful. He offers great feedback, communicates with his students frequently, and encourages us to communicate with each other. Thanks again for a great course [Constructing Compelling Characters].”
~Amy Swanson

Bud Clayman

“I’m so happy that I took Writing the 1-hour TV Drama with John Eubank. For a long time now, I’ve had an idea for a dramatic series, but I was unsure where to begin the process of making that dream a reality. John Eubank paved the way! He was there to answer all my questions and with the great course readings and online lectures, I now feel I am one step closer to achieving my goals.” [Bud Clayman is the Executive Producer, Co-director, Co-Writer, Subject, “OC87: The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger’s Movie”]
~Bud Clayman

V. Small.

“Hi David, WOW…I have to tell you I’ve taken other writing classes and yours [Proper Formatting Technique] is the very best!!! I love this book we’re working from as well. Regards, vts actor/writer”
~V. Small.

S. L.

“I’m really sad that this course [Feature Film Workshop 101] has come to an end. I’m proud and lucky to have been one of your [Raffaele DiBacco’s] students!
~S. L.


“I just wanted to thank you [Thomas Sawyer] for all the feedback and great suggestions on my work [in “Storytelling: How to Write Stories That Will Grab and Hold Your Audience]! I’m glad I took this class and think it really helped me improve upon an idea that I like and that I’d like to complete. Thanks so much for helping me move in that direction.”


J. Brooke

“Dear Tom, Your observations…challenged me to dig deeper into conflict, characters and construction. My story now stands on a much firmer foundation.” [From workshop “Storytelling: How to Write Stories That Will Grab and Hold Your Audience]

~J. Brooke

Brad Hines

As I learned more about proper formatting and formatting options, I not only grew more confident with my writing [in Proper Formatting Techniques], I began to think more visually and cinematically, and that helped move the writing along if I got stuck.

~Brad Hines

M. N.

Kathie, I want to personally thank you for offering this class. Like most writers who love to spend time in the wonderful world of creating, embarking on the marketing side of things can be daunting. But, thankfully, your class, “Pitch and Presentation,” has taken the mystery out of a proper pitch and given this writer a much-needed handle on it. It’s a huge kindness for you to take your years of experience and knowledge to give back to the writing community in this way. Thank you!

~M. N.

Phil Hopersberger

I’ve been writing for a long time, but never tried the screenplay format. Knowing I knew zilch, I looked for a class [Storytelling: How to Write Stories that Will Grab and Hold Your Audience] to learn the craft and met Tom. He helped me set a good foundation and my first screenplay made the top 10% in the Page Awards (7,000 entries) and the top 15% (8,000 entries) in the Nicholls Competition…The Oscars. There is no way I could have done so well on my first attempt without Tom’s sage advice and instruction. Highly recommend him!

~Phil Hopersberger

Doug Johnston

I recommend Tom Sawyer to anyone who wants to sharpen their story telling skills. I was a student under Tom at Screenwriters University [in Storytelling: How to Write Stories that Will Grab and Hold Your Audience] and he worked with me personally for four weeks helping me to create conflict and character development in a novel I am writing.

~Doug Johnston

Molly L

I’m very grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and insights. As I mentioned when the class [Proper Formatting Technique: How to Create a Compelling and Professional Screenplay] started, I’ve been struggling with reconciling the many different, and often opposing, things I’ve been taught about format. You’ve managed, with speed and clarity, to resolve all my questions. You’ve introduced additional techniques, and in so doing, not only elevated my technical skills, but shared your reasoning for why and when to choose between different approaches. I’m much more confident now that the murky areas are mapped. I can now wield formatting as the tool it is, instead of feeling as if I’m trying to anticipate what’s “wanted” — often with dubious results. Another unexpected and appreciated gift is in the final exercise, in which you delineate how format and story interlock. Makes me eager to revise some of my earlier scripts… Thank you for your time, for your patient and helpful responses. It’s been a wonderful experience, one I look forward to repeating with you in another course.

~ Molly L

Phillip McDonald

Using the expanded character outline method as suggested in your Week Two exercise [found in Storytelling: How To Write Stories That Will Grab And Hold Your Audience] has helped me discover nuances about my characters I would not have found otherwise. Your approach proves we can never know too much about our characters. It is in this free wheeling writing — with a clear purpose — that our characters have the opportunity to express more of themselves, to us. Thank you.

~ Phillip McDonald

Maggie S.

Blogging for Writers gave me a solid grasp of how to set up and build a blog. The coursework was laid out intelligently and covered everything I needed to know. I was especially impressed with the instructor, Athena, who was helpful and encouraging and always prompt with her replies.”

~ Maggie S.

Marla Y.

“I’ve been a professional print/radio/tv writer for years. But, wanting to ‘catch up’ with social media, and holding a blog topic close to my heart, I signed up for Blogging for Writers, hoping to learn something new. The information, advice, feedback and step-by-step instructions on the mechanics of creating/posting/maintaining/monetizing a blog were awesome, and made even more compelling by the personable investment of Athena, the instructor. My first on-line course far exceeded my expectations. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who dreams of creating their own blog but is at a loss of exactly how to do it.”

~ Marla Y.

Manuela Alberti

My learning curve [during Storytelling: How To Write Stories That Will Grab And Hold Your Audience] has been extraordinary. I have used every suggestion you’ve made and they have been insightful and practical and pushed me to discover things I NEVER would have arrived at on my own. What an adventure Tom! I am so grateful for your help and truly believe I will be able to write these stories now.

~ Manuela Alberti

Roger Delgado

Breaking into Copywriting was my first online course. I knew it would be informative, but I had no idea how much fun I would have interacting with the superb instructor – and coach – Athena Schultz.

~ Roger Delgado


You [Dave Trottier] have been great, and I have very much enjoyed the class [Proper Formatting Technique: How to Create a Compelling and Professional Screenplay] and REALLY appreciate the feedback you have given me. It has helped me immensely!

~ Linda

Henning Bauer

In a mere four weeks, I went from having only a vague idea of what copywriters do to a precise understanding of what distinguishes great copy from ineffective verbiage. A big thanks to our very helpful and responsive instructor Athena. I’ll never look at an ad the same way again! [Breaking into Copywriting]

~ Henning Bauer

Ben Yip

Breaking into Copywriting teaches you how to become part of a business where powerful writing is both required and appreciated. Athena’s constructive and encouraging feedback helps you develop and produce great copy in only four weeks. With that high level of instruction, why learn about advertising anywhere else?

~ Ben Yip

Bobak Esfarjani

When I first signed up for Breaking into Copywriting, I expected four weeks of mundane text to fill up my computer screen. But thanks to Athena’s helpfulness and her vibrant teaching style, I learned so much and it left me wondering why the class couldn’t be five weeks, or six, or seven…

~ Bobak Esfarjani

Nory M.

Breaking into Copywriting is a great course. It’s easy to follow and Athena is very encouraging. It is hard to believe you can learn so much in so little time. I highly recommend it to those exploring a career change.”

~ Nory M.

Cassie Winter

“Putting Breaking into Copywriting on my resume and cover letter has already garnered me a first interview for an internship, and I was able to use my work from this course as one of my writing samples for that interview. And guess what? I got a second interview! Thank you so much for offering this course.”

~ Cassie Winter

Lauren Lloyd

“The amount of detailed instruction and high level of insight that’s packed into 4 weeks of Breaking into Copywriting is incredible. Athena is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and responsive. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in copywriting. You will finish with a solid portfolio sample and a wealth of awareness that will inspire you to follow your dream. Do it.”

~ Lauren Lloyd

Patrick Carrick

“The Breaking into Copywriting course encourages one to be mindful of word choice and usage. This is a good thing for any kind of writer, as the instructor’s feedback is spot on and develops a discipline that is hard to shake off.”

~ Patrick Carrick

Flavia Caldas

“… Taking this course [Storytelling: How To Write Stories That Will Grab And Hold Your Audience] has been the best decision I have made in a long time. Thanks again, Tom [Thomas Sawyer].”

~ Flavia Caldas

Lisa Michelle

Breaking into Copywriting provided great resources and guidance that is sure to enhance my voice acting business.”

~ Lisa Michelle

Joe Lemmon

“This course [Proper Formatting Technique: How to Create a Compelling and Professional Screenplay] should be required because it lays a proper foundation! And what can you do if you don’t have that?”

~ Joe Lemmon

John Dummer

“I never imagined I could get such a solid grounding in copywriting [Breaking into Copywriting] in just four weeks. Athena is the dream instructor — thorough, responsive, and endlessly encouraging. She knows this stuff backwards and forwards, and more importantly she knows how to bring out your best efforts. My highest recommendation!”

~ John Dummer

Jessica Brooks

“Now I’m not usually a testimonials type of gal. HOWEVER, Breaking into Copywriting delivered and then some. Fabulous course, content & a wonderful instructor. I now have the confidence to pursue writing full-time, to tread my own path and leave a trail, which hopefully one day others may follow.”

~ Jessica Brooks

Peter Schuyler

“Do you want to create interest in everything you do? Breaking into Copywriting is a great step in that direction! Athena’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. Her lessons, suggestions and counsel are invaluable assets in my writing career.”

~ Peter Schuyler

Matt Pera

Breaking into Copywriting was an incredibly useful introduction to the world of writing ad copy. Athena offered great insight into what it takes to be successful as a copywriter and I personally feel prepared to delve confidently into the world of advertising because of her help and instruction.”

~ Matt Pera

Diane Liberman

Breaking into Copywriting was very informative, chock-full of useful approaches and commercial resources for independent copywriters.”

~ Diane Liberman

August McLaughlin

I’m continually grateful for your course [Storytelling: How To Write Stories That Will Grab And Hold Your Audience] and what I learned. I find that I’m more critical…wanting to change or re-write books and films I experience…an interesting exercise in itself.

~ August McLaughlin

Andy Wehrle

Thanks Tom [Thomas Sawyer – Storytelling: How To Write Stories That Will Grab And Hold Your Audience]. Your straightforward, useful, practical advice that paid such meticulous attention to detail has been one of the best writing experiences I’ve ever had.

~ Andy Wehrle

Diane Gottlieb

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying this [Storytelling: How To Write Stories That Will Grab And Hold Your Audience] already!! I love your [Thomas Sawyer] teaching style and this assignment really helped me to begin to shape a project that I’ve been sitting on for quite a while. Figuring out the beginning, middle and end (even though they might change in the process of writing) is an incredibly helpful tool for me!!! Thanks!!!

~ Diane Gottlieb

Pamela Turner

An excellent course [Introduction to Playwriting] that is well-planned and inspiring. Jon Dorf walks you through exercises in character, dialogue, and story which build the foundation of your play. His critiques are balanced and insightful, offering excellent advice while still encouraging you as a writer. Highly recommended.

~ Pamela Turner


I’ve thanked you, Tom [Thomas Sawyer], so many times BUT now let me explain why I’m I grateful. You’ve restored my confidence, showed me the missing story/plot links and nudged me into thinking about what would capture the reader. Your comments were incredible.

~ Larramie

Stuart Davis

Great learning experience… Bless you for touching so many aspiring writers with your magic. [Given for Storytelling: How To Write Stories That Will Grab And Hold Your Audience]

~ Stuart Davis

Barb Johnson

Your critique…was totally exciting. I’ve taken many courses in the past online and otherwise. This is the first one that showed me all there is to writing. Tom [Thomas Sawyer], you are the best instructor. You make me want to Write Better.

~ Barb Johnson


Great Class [Storytelling: How To Write Stories That Will Grab And Hold Your Audience]! This has been a super four weeks. I’ve learned tons. Your lectures are very clear and easy to apply to my writing. Thanks again.

~ Pat


I have gotten more out of your course [Storytelling: How To Write Stories That Will Grab And Hold Your Audience] than I ever thought possible. All of the comments/suggestions you’ve made have been so helpful, that I don’t think I could have progressed without them. Thanks so much!


Art Blum

I really got a lot out of Evan Smith’s class on How To Sell Your Screenplay. His lectures were easy to understand and very informative. What I like most was how he took a few of my phone pitches and written pitches and went line-by-line improving them. As an added bonus, after reviewing my improved pitches I saw how I could make my scripts much more suspenseful. Thanks for the great course.

~ Art Blum

Jennifer Phillips

A quick thank you for this wonderful course. I have been a student of UCLA Extension’s Writers Program for the past 1 1/2 years so I am very familiar with online learning. Jon Dorf is one of the finest teachers I have worked with! His style, lectures, feedback and suggestions were all fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable about his craft and an asset to The Writers Store. My only regret is that the class is 4 weeks long! I learned more from Jon in four weeks than in years of reading books on playwriting. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. [Introduction to Playwriting student]

~ Jennifer Phillips

Nancy Taylor

Storytelling: How To Write Stories That Will Grab And Hold Your Audience with Thomas B. Sawyer is a wonderful course. Mr. Sawyer helped me find the writer inside that I always knew was there! Bravo and thanks!

~ Nancy Taylor

Tabby Crabb

Truly I got more from this online course [Screenwriting Basics] than from years of reading on my own and the instructor, Athena, answered our questions in a thoughtful and helpful manner. I’m now confident that I can put my ideas on paper for the first time. Thank you for a job well done.

~ Tabby Crabb

Sammy Montana

Wow! Karl Iglesias’s class on Writing Dialogue for Emotional Impact gave me extremely valuable tools to improve my dialogue in my screenplays. I couldn’t believe how affordable the course is. Do the exercises and Karl will give you feedback. I would vouch for his teaching and subject matter to anyone wanting to take Karl’s class. Thanks a bunch, Karl:)

~ Sammy Montana

Nick Skidmore

Screenwriting Basics has been really helpful in instilling focus and outlining the ground rules. Invaluable buoyage in the tempest. Many thanks.

~ Nick Skidmore

Nancy Schiller

Just wanted you to know that by taking Screenwriting Basics, the information shared with me and the guidance I received is priceless.

~ Nancy Schiller

Beth Foehl

Screenwriting Basics was enormously helpful to me in getting my screenplay out of my head and onto paper. Michael Eldridge’s lesson plans were excellent. They took a lot of work, but it was the work and his wonderful feedback that made this class worth the ride. I know what was developed and, as importantly, eliminated from my idea at this early stage will save me hours of redrafting in the future.

~ Beth Foehl

Julie Joyce

Screenwriting Basics marks a terrific turning point in my career as a screenwriter. This course rocks!

~ Julie Joyce

Cynthia Kelly

Screenwriting Basics was my first ever on-line course. It won an Oscar in both categories – to on-line coursework as a valuable and convenient way to learn, and to Michael Eldrige for inspiring instruction and insightful, thorough, and helpful critiques of my work.

~ Cynthia Kelly

Richie Solomon

I’m always interested in honing my craft but unfortunately with such a hectic agenda, I never have the time to take courses. But Writers University changed all that… Finally, classes I can take when I want to take them!

~ Richie Solomon